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CN-104975955-A: Diesel engine fuel shut-off solenoid patent, CN-104980274-A: Smart phone, vehicle control system with the smart phone and control method patent, CN-104982938-A: 一种补肾壮阳玛卡保健饮料 patent, CN-104985285-A: 一种过切角熔透焊焊接方法 patent, CN-104985913-A: 一种用于图文信息隐藏防伪的矩阵轮换加网方法 patent, CN-104988669-A: 缝纫抓取定位机构 patent, CN-104992035-A: Quick calculation method for terahertz band surface rough target electromagnetic scattering patent, CN-105002573-A: Composite silk production technology patent, CN-105003923-A: Equipment for treating salt-containing wastewater by liquid incineration patent, CN-105005777-A: 一种基于人脸的音视频推荐方法及系统 patent, CN-105007245-A: Method for changing emission spectrum shape of transmission system patent, CN-105012304-A: 一种复方氟苯尼考组合物 patent, CN-105013344-A: 一种超疏水聚四氟乙烯纤维膜的制备方法 patent, CN-105017998-A: 一种抗菌木材胶 patent, CN-105020830-A: 幕墙组装式密封通风器 patent, CN-105022560-A: 电器工作参数的设定方法、系统和设定装置 patent, CN-105024712-A: 干扰组件的还原体系 patent, CN-105036089-A: Recovery device and recovery method for waste dilute sulfuric acid in sulfuric acid preparation system by using flue gas in nonferrous metal smelting patent, CN-105036640-A: 一种建筑用防潮耐水粘结剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-105037008-A: Compost for saxifraga paniculata and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105040833-A: Reinforcement structure of flexural steel members patent, CN-105047540-A: 抗反射层和方法 patent, CN-105062025-A: Additive for stopping leakage of fiber reinforced plastic pipe under water and method for stopping leakage through same patent, CN-105062272-A: 一种添加有机膨润土的金属防腐涂料 patent, CN-105065856-A: 一种圆筒形真空绝热板及其制造方法 patent, CN-105068744-A: Method for switching application function on touch screen patent, CN-105069407-A: Video-based traffic flow acquisition method patent, CN-105071726-A: 开关磁阻风力发电并网系统控制方法 patent, CN-105078207-A: 一种多功能速食食品料理机 patent, CN-105083279-A: Electronic stability control system, and method for detecting a fault of motor freewheeling circuit patent, CN-105084998-A: Biological disinfector for soil environment and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105090142-A: 液压加载系统 patent, CN-105090172-A: 液压锥阀腔体边壁及阀芯壁面压力分布测量装置 patent, CN-105090979-A: Garbage incinerator patent, CN-105097803-A: 在弛豫压应力下有源区域的部件及相关联的去耦电容器 patent, CN-105099533-A: Low Effort Massive MIMO Antenna Arrays and Their Use patent, CN-105103090-A: 用于在定点设备中提供方向补偿的系统和方法 patent, CN-105107178-A: 一种投篮动作训练方法 patent, CN-105111656-A: Modified natural rubber composite material for cable insulation layer patent, CN-105114683-A: Speed adjusting method of fan blade type flow speed control valve patent, CN-105115580-A: Body weight measuring instrument patent, CN-105127618-A: 一种原位合成焊剂的高强韧复合银钎料环 patent, CN-105131188-A: 一种长链支化无规共聚聚丙烯及其制备方法 patent, CN-105131794-A: 一种抗菌改性背漆 patent, CN-105132272-A: Bacterium resistance test device and test method patent, CN-105136065-A: 飞机结构件特征点自动采集系统及其采集方法 patent, CN-105137127-A: Medium micro corkscrew and metal granary shape nanocone composite probe patent, CN-105140388-A: Three-axis anisotropic magnetic resistance for improving Z-axis sensitivity and preparation method for three-axis anisotropic magnetic resistance patent, CN-105146751-A: Preparation method and application of functional cigarette filter stick capable of selectively reducing tar and lessening harm patent, CN-105152326-A: Denitrification filter tank system applicable to advanced wastewater treatment patent, CN-105160223-A: 一种生物识别供电控制系统 patent, CN-105161017-A: Unit assembling part of LED unit screen body patent, CN-105161794-A: 一种多功能锂离子电池 patent, CN-105162389-A: 一种新能源开采装置 patent, CN-105165338-A: 一种高产土豆的种植方法 patent, CN-105167655-A: 简易搅拌杯 patent, CN-105170753-A: Edge-turning machine for arc slabs patent, CN-105176264-A: 一种五金电镀罩光涂料 patent, CN-105178530-A: Double-rod and single-surface stair corner armor patent, CN-105182511-A: Eight-group ten-sheet refraction and reflection type ultra-low projection ratio projection lens foundation structure patent, CN-105183994-A: Method and device for predicting powder battery SOC on basis of improved I-ELM patent, CN-105184027-A: 一种基于交互式多模型算法的电力负荷建模方法 patent, CN-105187896-A: 多分段的媒体文件播放方法和系统 patent, CN-105188647-A: Modular emulsion-based product differentiation patent, CN-105190809-A: 铝电解电容器用电解液及使用其的铝电解电容器 patent, CN-105191350-A: Capacitance type sensor, acoustic sensor, and microphone patent, CN-105195112-A: Preparation method of melamine-modified chitosan-coated magnetic nanocellulose adsorbent and product thereof patent, CN-105196858-A: 新能源汽车用双速双模动力总成 patent, CN-105200242-A: Method for revering cadmium from arsenic-containing lead-smelting oxygen bottom-blown furnace dust patent, CN-105200861-A: 一种防吸潮墙纸及其生产工艺 patent, CN-105201149-A: 集装箱房用中部屋面顶板 patent, CN-105203316-A: 一种高精度双排口消声器传递损失试验装置及测试方法 patent, CN-105204450-A: Fault injection system patent, CN-105209745-A: Impeller for a Kaplan turbine patent, CN-105235140-A: 注塑机用模具 patent, CN-105235209-A: Butt-joint method and device for thread materials for 3D printer patent, CN-105235563-A: Application method of automobile active headrest structure for neck protection patent, CN-105236788-A: Additive agent suitable for calcium silicate board patent, CN-105243777-A: Networked intelligent building fire alarm device patent, CN-105248219-A: 一种百香果的种植管理方法 patent, CN-105253197-A: Steering system patent, CN-105253634-A: Bottle stack destacking method patent, CN-105255609-A: Preparation method of environment-friendly compound degumming agent patent, CN-105259746-A: 降低智能手表功耗的方法和系统 patent, CN-105260230-A: 基于分段服务等级协议的数据中心虚拟机资源调度方法 patent, CN-105260694-A: Two-dimension code area locating method based on multistage backbone extraction and analysis patent, CN-105264231-A: 涡旋式压缩机 patent, CN-105268894-A: Swing-grinding forming mold for half axle of automobile patent, CN-105269542-A: Hand wheel rotating type clamping workbench patent, CN-105271711-A: 一种低熔点润滑剂或脱模剂、制备方法及其应用 patent, CN-105275621-A: 带有增压器的发动机的节流控制设备 patent, CN-105291529-A: Barrier anti-leakage thermoplastic composite material used for aviation oil and manufacturing method of material patent, CN-105298071-A: Aluminum alloy profile embedded in wall, floor and roof patent, CN-105303873-A: 一种停车位推荐方法及移动终端 patent, CN-105305957-A: 光伏汇流箱的能效分析方法及装置 patent, CN-105306465-A: Website secure access realization method and apparatus patent, CN-105309272-A: 一种百香果种植方法 patent, CN-105312469-A: Spherical pre-forging die for small heads of crankshafts patent, CN-105319655-A: Automatic coupling method and system for optical integrated chip and optical fiber assembly patent, CN-105324209-A: Zn-based lead-free solder and semiconductor power module patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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