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JP-H11120498-A: Obstacle alarming device for vehicle patent, JP-H11120795-A: Semiconductor device and inspection method for semiconductor device patent, JP-H11121830-A: 薄型高感度ホール素子とその製造方法 patent, JP-H11122429-A: 画像読取装置 patent, JP-H11123069-A: Low calorie acidic protein drink and its production patent, JP-H11123365-A: Ultrasonic vibrating combined processing tool patent, JP-H11123406-A: Plate mill and method for adjusting amount of offset of its work roll patent, JP-H11124459-A: セルローズ物質を発泡させた緩衝断熱材の新しい製造方法 patent, JP-H11125301-A: 防振装置 patent, JP-H11126186-A: コンピュータシステム、及び記録媒体 patent, JP-H1112753-A: 無電解金めっき方法 patent, JP-H11127910-A: Button with function of needle and thread patent, JP-H11128186-A: 一回拍出量検出装置および心機能診断装置 patent, JP-H11129693-A: Template patent, JP-H11129854-A: Seat for vehicle provided with side air bag device patent, JP-H11129856-A: サイドエアーバッグ装置を備える車輌用シート patent, JP-H11130190-A: パネル組立式貯留槽の溶接継手 patent, JP-H11130766-A: Compound having oxetanyl group, its production and active energy ray curing type composition comprising the same compound patent, JP-H11131014-A: Coating material system and use thereof patent, JP-H11131563-A: Case body of hot-water flushing device patent, JP-H11134093-A: Input device patent, JP-H11134713-A: 光学情報記録媒体 patent, JP-H11134730-A: 光磁気記録媒体及びその再生方法 patent, JP-H11135818-A: 太陽電池 patent, JP-H11137394-A: 新生児用枕 patent, JP-H11138091-A: Method for die application patent, JP-H11138555-A: Mold opening and closing and vulcanizing station patent, JP-H11138680-A: 容器口部密封用インナーシール材および該インナーシール材を用いた容器口部密封方法 patent, JP-H11139431-A: 合成樹脂製パレット patent, JP-H11140118-A: Manufacture of polybutadiene patent, JP-H11140165-A: エポキシ樹脂組成物 patent, JP-H11140697-A: Plating apparatus patent, JP-H11141854-A: 高温ガスダクトの伸縮継手 patent, JP-H11143067-A: 感光性組成物 patent, JP-H1114417-A: Air flow rate measuring unit integrated with throttle body patent, JP-H11144282-A: Optical information storage patent, JP-H11144398-A: 光ディスク用記録装置 patent, JP-H11144511-A: シールドビーム型ランプ装置 patent, JP-H11145587-A: Manufacture of printed board patent, JP-H11145799-A: Integrated circuit patent, JP-H11146417-A: 動き検出回路 patent, JP-H11146992-A: Washer patent, JP-H11147072-A: 建築物表面の塗装仕上方法 patent, JP-H11147986-A: フルオロポリマー組成物 patent, JP-H11148061-A: Adhesive composition patent, JP-H11148437-A: Electromagnetic fuel injection valve patent, JP-H11148981-A: Display plate structure of solar clock patent, JP-H11149339-A: パソコン操作再現装置 patent, JP-H11149356-A: ネットワークシステムにおけるプリントジョブ処理方法、プリンタサーバ、及び、ネットワークプリンタ patent, JP-H11149768-A: 半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-H11150256-A: Element and device for photoelectric conversion patent, JP-H11150693-A: Electronic device, function operating method in electronic device, and medium storing executable program in electronic device patent, JP-H11151110-A: Round fan having game function patent, JP-H11152048-A: 車両用操舵装置 patent, JP-H11152064-A: Riding type working machine patent, JP-H11152484-A: Lubricating oil for refrigerant compressor patent, JP-H11153308-A: 火葬炉 patent, JP-H11153413-A: Three-dimensional image display device patent, JP-H11153830-A: プリント枚数指定可能なカメラ patent, JP-H11153913-A: 転写装置 patent, JP-H11153936-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H11154376-A: Optical disk recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H11155901-A: パンツ型おむつ patent, JP-H1115620-A: Display style change system and its method patent, JP-H11156631-A: Abnormality detecting method and device for trimming chips patent, JP-H11156959-A: シート状高吸収体の製造方法 patent, JP-H11157154-A: Passbook/slip printer patent, JP-H11157232-A: Transfer recording system patent, JP-H11157731-A: Sheet post-processing device patent, JP-H11158490-A: 粒状消泡剤組成物および粒状洗剤組成物 patent, JP-H11159040-A: 床凹部の支持構造 patent, JP-H1115911-A: 情報再生システム patent, JP-H11159831-A: 空気調和機 patent, JP-H11160654-A: Reflection projector patent, JP-H11160825-A: Method for processing silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H11160944-A: 後処理装置の取付構造 patent, JP-H1116164-A: 磁気記録媒体のオフトラック特性評価方法 patent, JP-H11162518-A: Lithium ion secondary battery patent, JP-H11162862-A: 微細突起構造体およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H11162888-A: ダイシング装置 patent, JP-H11162960-A: Plasma film forming method patent, JP-H11163046-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-H11163334-A: Gan insulated gate type transistor and forming method thereof patent, JP-H11164059-A: 携帯端末の課金収集方式 patent, JP-H11164499-A: Ac generator for vehicle patent, JP-H11165693-A: ウォータージェット推進装置における吸込口の除塵装 置 patent, JP-H11165940-A: Sheet stacker with no feeding interruption patent, JP-H11166250-A: End piping cover patent, JP-H11166985-A: Thermal generation watch patent, JP-H11167364-A: Driving system of matrix display panel patent, JP-H11168257-A: Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H11168283-A: 電子計測器の構造 patent, JP-H11168287-A: ケーブル保持装置 patent, JP-H11169461-A: Injection length variable pen needle patent, JP-H11169471-A: Irradiation of radioactive ray and device therefor patent, JP-H1116975-A: Failure analysis equipment and failure analysis method or semiconductor substrate patent, JP-H11170603-A: Image-forming apparatus patent, JP-H11171077-A: 後輪首振り式二輪車 patent, JP-H1117241-A: 圧電トランス patent, JP-H11172702-A: Concrete slope planting method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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