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JP-H1121312-A: Production of chlorinated vinyl chloride resin patent, JP-H11213350-A: Magnetic tunnel junction magneto-resistance read head patent, JP-H11213879-A: Manufacture of cathode-ray tube patent, JP-H11214455-A: Probe card patent, JP-H11214903-A: 電界効果トランジスタ patent, JP-H11215169-A: Hub dealing with plural segments patent, JP-H11215205-A: Card information transmission method and system device patent, JP-H112154-A: 肉盛りバルブシートの製造方法及びシリンダヘッド patent, JP-H11215994-A: エリスリトールの製造方法 patent, JP-H11216631-A: 開先加工装置 patent, JP-H11216909-A: 感光型マイクロカプセルを塗布したプリンタ用紙を用いるプリンタ、プリントシステム、及びプリント方法 patent, JP-H1121737-A: ポリエステル極細短繊維の製造法 patent, JP-H1121769-A: Acrylic synthetic fiber having animal hair-like touch patent, JP-H11219850-A: Manufacture of laminated ceramic capacitor patent, JP-H11220379-A: 出力回路 patent, JP-H11220545-A: 情報端末通信方法および情報端末装置 patent, JP-H11221137-A: マット patent, JP-H11221673-A: Device for arc machining patent, JP-H11222047-A: 回生ブレーキ装置 patent, JP-H11222878-A: Method and device for feeding grease of construction machine patent, JP-H11223119-A: 内燃機関の消音器 patent, JP-H11223325-A: Garbage incenerator and repairing method therefor patent, JP-H11223735-A: Tunable polymer waveguide diffraction grating and its production patent, JP-H11224081-A: Character font enlarging method patent, JP-H11224130-A: 温度の調節方法 patent, JP-H11226166-A: ゴルフスイング練習具 patent, JP-H11226978-A: Production of closure assembly patent, JP-H11227614-A: Automobile steering wheel operation assisting device and automatic return action of knob used for the device caused by magnets oppositely arranged in knob-mounted part on steering wheel patent, JP-H11228446-A: Antimalarial agent patent, JP-H11228499-A: Purification of vinyl-type monomer patent, JP-H11229029-A: 金属材の加熱炉 patent, JP-H1122995-A: 空気熱交換器 patent, JP-H11230815-A: Fluid detection sensor patent, JP-H11230943-A: イオン化装置 patent, JP-H11231424-A: 焼付処理装置 patent, JP-H11232250-A: Method and device for analyzing limit element in three-dimensional flow, manufacture of molding and medium recording analytical method program patent, JP-H11232537-A: Automatic vending machine patent, JP-H11232581-A: Communication device of decentralized control system patent, JP-H11232693-A: 相変化型光ディスク patent, JP-H1123320-A: Processing circuit for crank angle signal patent, JP-H11234018-A: 自動車用サイドガラスアンテナ patent, JP-H11234034-A: 展開型アンテナ反射鏡 patent, JP-H11235088-A: Control method for motor patent, JP-H11235418-A: Game machine patent, JP-H11235653-A: ワイヤーソー装置及びワークの切断方法 patent, JP-H11236001-A: 12cm光ディスク用トレイの箱詰方法 patent, JP-H11236212-A: Production of artificial zeolite using slurry reaction process patent, JP-H112365-A: 地中埋設管の保持構造 patent, JP-H11236719-A: 3関節型作業機の操作制御装置 patent, JP-H11236808-A: Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine patent, JP-H11237402-A: Semiconductor acceleration sensor and its self-diagnosing method patent, JP-H11237751-A: 電子写真感光体及び電子写真装置 patent, JP-H11239368-A: 光交換機 patent, JP-H11239435-A: Fishing rod patent, JP-H11241464-A: 外装材敷設用下地材 patent, JP-H11241620-A: 内燃機関 patent, JP-H11242393-A: 多色画像形成装置 patent, JP-H11242624-A: 情報管理データを記録したコンピュータ読み取り可能な媒体及びデータ管理方法並びにデータ管理プログラムを記録したコンピュータ読み取り可能な媒体 patent, JP-H11244224-A: 内視鏡のアングルリング連結構造 patent, JP-H11244387-A: Modular image forming/therapeutic catheter assembly and assembling method patent, JP-H11245445-A: レーザ駆動方法および装置、画像形成装置 patent, JP-H11245759-A: 運転席用エアバッグ装置 patent, JP-H11246280-A: Monoclinic celsian porous body and its production patent, JP-H11246836-A: Formation of adhesive composition by cross-linkable pressure-sensitive adhesive patent, JP-H1124754-A: Method and device for servo adjustment patent, JP-H11250854-A: Analyzing method and device for incident ion on substrate in etching plasma patent, JP-H11251292-A: ハロゲン含有ガスによる処理方法及びその装置 patent, JP-H11252265-A: オ―ダエントリ用端末装置 patent, JP-H1125268-A: Device for collating fingerprint and method therefor patent, JP-H1125451-A: Magnetic disk patent, JP-H11254562-A: 管状体およびプリプレグ patent, JP-H11255821-A: Preparation of tin-coupled rubber-like polymer patent, JP-H1125600-A: Recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H11256499-A: Sheet for electrocoagulation printing patent, JP-H11256748-A: Roof patent, JP-H11256795-A: Vertical joint joiner for side-spread siding patent, JP-H11258032-A: 防水型電子秤 patent, JP-H11258916-A: Wet electrophotographic device patent, JP-H1125897-A: 電子線照射方法および電子線照射装置 patent, JP-H11259527-A: Document retrieval processing system patent, JP-H11259754-A: 自動販売機における断熱板装着方法 patent, JP-H11259914-A: レーザー記録媒体及び薄いガラス層を含むデータカード patent, JP-H11261047-A: Image sensor patent, JP-H11261650-A: Voice/data integrated communication system patent, JP-H11261876-A: ディジタルカメラ patent, JP-H11261953-A: Recording and reproducing method, and camcoder patent, JP-H11262633-A: Method of fixing carbon dioxide with snow patent, JP-H11262911-A: Insert holding tool, manufacture of concrete product, concrete product, and durable form patent, JP-H11263469-A: Belt driving device patent, JP-H11263762-A: アミド酸化合物の製造方法 patent, JP-H11264286-A: Drop preventing device for ceiling storage ladder patent, JP-H11265120-A: Toner recycling type developing method and its device patent, JP-H11265165-A: プラズマディスプレ―パネルの表示ライン駆動方法 patent, JP-H11265848-A: 投影露光装置及び露光方法 patent, JP-H11267204-A: Clamp patent, JP-H11267407-A: Foaming inhibitor patent, JP-H11267811-A: Vortex style molten steel surface level indicator patent, JP-H11267834-A: チャンバー型溶接装置 patent, JP-H11268147-A: 半導電性無端プラスチックベルトの製法およびそれにより得られた半導電性無端プラスチックベルト patent, JP-H1126886-A: リッジ型半導体光デバイス及びその作製方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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