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JP-S5098953-A: patent, JP-S509980-A: patent, JP-S51100460-A: Datsukokukinosokokiko patent, JP-S51101952-A: patent, JP-S5110319-A: patent, JP-S51103832-A: Purazumaaakuyosetsuno kureetaashorihoho patent, JP-S51103944-A: Jushideitsupuki patent, JP-S51104319-A: Teepukasetsutonojidokumitateniokeru teepujudosochi patent, JP-S51104704-A: Rajiaru taiyayofuratsupu patent, JP-S51104861-A: Taimatonochosokukiko patent, JP-S51105216-A: Chenjidoritokuseigyokairo patent, JP-S51106749-A: Genryotono datsushokushorihoho patent, JP-S51107524-A: Handoru petaruno nihoshikikaiheisuidosen patent, JP-S51107764-A: patent, JP-S51107807-A: Jikideisukukirokukumitatetai patent, JP-S51107867-A: patent, JP-S5110814-A: patent, JP-S51108447-A: Kamotsuerebeetaaokudosurutamenoekiatsusochi patent, JP-S51111259-A: Mold for molding thick article of vinyl chloride resin patent, JP-S51111776-A: Fluorescent lamp lead wire segmenting device patent, JP-S51112499-A: The formation of titanium tetrachloride patent, JP-S51112793-A: Method of pelletizing sulfur patent, JP-S51113204-A: Pumping means patent, JP-S51113458-A: Wafer stretching device patent, JP-S51114145-A: A method of forming twist-nematic liquid crystal indicating element of field effect type patent, JP-S51114252-A: Separator patent, JP-S51114925-A: Manuscript input equipment patent, JP-S51115191-A: Preparation of stepped rolls having bent grooves patent, JP-S51115363-A: Apparatus for treating overflown oil in emergency patent, JP-S511167-A: Keisokuki patent, JP-S51118507-A: Marking method for plastic molds patent, JP-S51119284-A: Surface wave ultra-sonic flaw detector patent, JP-S51121556-A: Method of producing twisted dry confection patent, JP-S51123127-A: Magnetic head patent, JP-S51123229-A: Inorganic composition for use in forming surface coating film patent, JP-S51123235-A: Powder coating compositions patent, JP-S51123884-A: Chemical modifycation of proteins patent, JP-S51124522-A: Production of planting belt and its device patent, JP-S51124585-A: Automatic feeding device for use in cottle cages patent, JP-S51124646-A: Lining device for selffpropelled welder patent, JP-S51124903-A: Read-out method of light memory device patent, JP-S511249-A: Koshooteibuno reisuiryonyoru kanireionchozohoho oyobi sochi patent, JP-S51126832-A: Electric induction recorder patent, JP-S51127485-A: Method of manufacturing strap bar patent, JP-S51128054-A: Heat exchanger patent, JP-S51128231-A: The detecting method of positional information patent, JP-S5112955-A: patent, JP-S51129782-A: Method of rearing silkworms by the use of artificial feeding stuffs patent, JP-S51130292-A: Collection method of sample pieces such as ore patent, JP-S51131144-A: Preventive method of freezing of tunnel patent, JP-S511311-A: Hooroomitsuchakuseino ryokona hoorooyoreienkohan patent, JP-S51131341-A: Telemonitoring device patent, JP-S5113204-A: Parusuzatsuonjokyokairo patent, JP-S51132946-A: Small electronic calculator patent, JP-S51132978-A: Charge transfer device patent, JP-S51133473-A: Process for assimilating and decomposing of polyvinyl alcohol patent, JP-S51133483-A: Culture apparatus utilizing light patent, JP-S51133676-A: Control process for numerical control device patent, JP-S51133738-A: A-c to d-c converter patent, JP-S51134015-A: Unit to branch and insert multiplex high-speed pulse array signals patent, JP-S51134070-A: Gas discharge indication element patent, JP-S51134659-A: Measured value indication circuit patent, JP-S51135341-A: Gambling computer patent, JP-S51135630-A: Method of making a magnetic head patent, JP-S51135863-A: Device for replacing rolls in rolling mill patent, JP-S51136285-A: Semi-conductor producing patent, JP-S51137476-A: Scintillator patent, JP-S51137575-A: Magic encasing bag patent, JP-S51138087-A: Method of measuring distance in ultrasonic image and device therefor patent, JP-S51138223-A: Gas generator patent, JP-S5113927-A: Keikyohenatsuhenryuki patent, JP-S51140748-A: Signal measuring system patent, JP-S51141243-A: Regenerating green house heater patent, JP-S51141426-A: Blank used for rectified pen*diaphragm for silencing cell*wall*ceiling board* etc* patent, JP-S51141511-A: Channel selection control mode-switching device patent, JP-S51142221-A: Information reproducing device patent, JP-S51143179-A: Fluid pressure control system patent, JP-S51143352-A: Recording pen patent, JP-S51143447-A: Device and method of producing shoulder string patent, JP-S51143574-A: Process for removing iron oxides scale by dissolving patent, JP-S51144980-A: Manufacturing method of bridged polyethylene insulated cable patent, JP-S51145732-A: Seedling transferring device for transplanter patent, JP-S51146305-A: A process for melting of raw materials in arc furnaces for melting of direct- reduced iron, etc. patent, JP-S51147626-A: Fiber bundle cutting apparatus equipped with means for detecting of abnormal condition of cutter patent, JP-S51148331-A: Speech response equipment patent, JP-S51148392-A: Hetero juntion optical detector patent, JP-S51148956-A: Hangar door e mergency opening device patent, JP-S511495-A: Furabinadeninjinukureochidono seiseiho patent, JP-S51150432-A: Device for pencil of automatic drafting machine patent, JP-S51150763-A: A fined-tube type heat-exchanger patent, JP-S51150968-A: Color cathode ray tube patent, JP-S5115114-A: Kochokuhenkansochino hogosochi patent, JP-S51151232-A: Method of manufacturing knives having a hollow handle patent, JP-S51151311-A: Method of stringing raw veneers together patent, JP-S51151499-A: Reactor coolant transfer unit patent, JP-S5115235-A: Ryuryobunpaibentsukitarenhokokirikaeben patent, JP-S5115446-A: patent, JP-S5115534-A: Tonnerukutsushinyoshiirudo patent, JP-S5116474-A: Koatsushadanki patent, JP-S511798-A: Goseiseniorimonono shiboyosehoho patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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