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JP-S52133530-A: Silver oxide battery patent, JP-S52133758-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S52133976-A: 22phenyllindole derivative patent, JP-S52133985-A: Novel 1*2*33thiadiazolee55yllurea* its preparation and plant growth inhibitor and defoilant containing same patent, JP-S52134963-A: Elements of sealing device patent, JP-S52135528-A: Floor covering patent, JP-S52135627-A: Kanji (chinese character) typewriter patent, JP-S52135810-A: Atmospheric annealing by batch type furnace patent, JP-S52136094-A: Transport equipment for sheet material patent, JP-S52139076-A: Preparation of 2-tetrahydrofuryl derivatives of 5-fluorouracil patent, JP-S521407-A: Manufacturing method of magnet for field patent, JP-S52142436-A: Input device of information outside picture patent, JP-S52142583-A: Generating apparatus for contaminated gas environments for testing vessel patent, JP-S52142973-A: Leakage detecting method of tight parts patent, JP-S52143767-A: Production of semiconductor device patent, JP-S52144368-A: Equipment for solid-gas contact reaction patent, JP-S52144762-A: Thermistor sensor without intimately adhered metallic covering patent, JP-S52144969-A: Photo mask patent, JP-S52145083-A: Water leakage detector patent, JP-S52146569-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S52147014-A: Deflecting yoke patent, JP-S52147247-A: Cooling and oiling device for water cooled bearing complete with oiling line patent, JP-S52147548-A: Binding band treating of hoop coil patent, JP-S52148439-A: Method of adjusting ph of electrolytic nickel plating solution patent, JP-S52148837-A: Safty valve deviceewidens operating angle of safty valve which closes by pressure jointing of balllshapeddvalve on valve seat patent, JP-S52149809-A: Silencer used for pile driver patent, JP-S52151412-A: Two cycle engine patent, JP-S52151599-A: Fire sensor patent, JP-S52151829-A: Method of producing battery separator patent, JP-S52152114-A: Picture display patent, JP-S52152292-A: Oil detecting system patent, JP-S52152452-A: Method of making plastics decorative materials patent, JP-S52153234-A: Steam trap patent, JP-S52153661-A: Cathode base patent, JP-S52153707-A: Magnetic film and its manufacture patent, JP-S52153718-A: Method and device for attaching cassette tape patent, JP-S52154101-A: Pressure control circuits patent, JP-S52155656-A: Thermoplastic resin composition having good processability patent, JP-S52156593-A: Gas laser device patent, JP-S5216386-A: Method of trapping crustacean plankton patent, JP-S5216671-A: Atmospheric breaker patent, JP-S5216961-A: Fm detector patent, JP-S5216975-A: Method of manufacturing semiconductor unit patent, JP-S5217835-A: Method for connecting optical fibers patent, JP-S5218102-A: 0ptical communication system patent, JP-S5219863-A: Method of producing impeller for fluid coupling made of metal plate patent, JP-S5220363-A: Method of controlling thickness of hot bar patent, JP-S5221744-A: Production method of elastic surface-wave unit patent, JP-S5221821-A: Guitar patent, JP-S5222210-A: Suport unit for a guide wheel and branchi wheel of a guideway car patent, JP-S5222646-A: Fan clutch patent, JP-S5223510-A: Method of combustion of gases containing high concentration carbon mon oxide patent, JP-S5224985-A: Process for production of diaphragms patent, JP-S5225001-A: Dyeing method of artificial leather having good dyeing fastness patent, JP-S5225096-A: Method for pretreating rice for sake brewing patent, JP-S5225126-A: Treating method of yarn ends of yarn winder patent, JP-S5225162-A: Device for confirming inside and outside of foil thread patent, JP-S5225295-A: Electric iron plate patent, JP-S5226570-A: Molding mold patent, JP-S5227901-A: Waste heat boiler patent, JP-S522807-A: Process for treatment of blast furnace gas ashes patent, JP-S5228309-A: Magnetic recorder and reproducer unit patent, JP-S5228437-A: Continuous fire cracker welding method patent, JP-S5228606-A: Brushless motor patent, JP-S5229556-A: Aluminum piston with steellreinforced piston ring groove and method of producing same patent, JP-S5229696-A: Composites used for manufacturing grinding tools patent, JP-S5229870-A: Manufacture of thermal setting resin decorated plate patent, JP-S5230359-A: Integration circuit which is provided with voltage memory component patent, JP-S5230634-A: Plant culture soil patent, JP-S5230911-A: Preventive process for stressed corrosion crack in store-tank of non-c orrosive fluid substance patent, JP-S5230971-A: Pneumatic classifier patent, JP-S5231127-A: Production of spun wool yarn patent, JP-S5231214-A: Valve timing control mechanism of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5231631-A: Test method of semiconductor integrated circuit unit patent, JP-S5232093-A: Ethyleneepropyleneetermonomer type elastmer patent, JP-S523238-A: Construction of safety separating wall body provided in the center of roadway patent, JP-S5232691-A: Exclusive two-color luminescent device patent, JP-S5232762-A: Straw with stopper patent, JP-S5233990-A: Waterrdilutabl resin patent, JP-S5235178-A: Manufacturing method of water containing salt capsule patent, JP-S5237707-A: Signal quality improving system of ssra communication patent, JP-S5237810-A: Dehydrating apparatus in paper screening machine patent, JP-S5239386-A: Method of producing ic patent, JP-S5239484-A: Apparatus for manufacturing bag having lid with valve patent, JP-S5240035-A: Memory equipment using electric charge transfer element patent, JP-S5240124-A: Method for forming high energy beam resist patent, JP-S5240599-A: Preparation of polycondensate containing imide group patent, JP-S5241016-A: Printer patent, JP-S524189-A: Method of mixing receiving signals of different frequencies patent, JP-S5241952-A: Heat exchanger for rotary electric apparatus patent, JP-S5242097-A: Reflecting mirror patent, JP-S5242395-A: Radar unit patent, JP-S5242486-A: Method of producing carrier patent, JP-S5242698-A: Method of finding out and identifying a criminal patent, JP-S5242713-A: Production method for composite type magnetic head patent, JP-S5244340-A: Engine starter for a diesel engine patent, JP-S5244688-A: Method of automatically measuring density of oxygen patent, JP-S5245030-A: Method of producing negative plate in battery patent, JP-S5245767-A: Magnetic drum separator patent, JP-S5246128-A: Yarn reeling machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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