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JP-S55158643-A: Automatic wire bonding device patent, JP-S55162366-A: Lining apparatus of pipe inner surface for embedded already established pipe such as gas pipe or the like patent, JP-S55162889-A: Method of adjusting position detector attached to electric motor of variable speed patent, JP-S55162918-A: Pet dog walking car patent, JP-S55163180-A: Foldble container and bottom panel structure thereof patent, JP-S55163678-A: Information processor patent, JP-S55164182-A: System for controlling stepping motor for feeding carrier in printer patent, JP-S55165470-A: Cabinet for refrigerating chamber patent, JP-S55166111-A: Attaching method of shelf patent, JP-S55166897-A: High frequency heater patent, JP-S55166953-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-S5516868-A: Assorting system for goods patent, JP-S5517125-A: Unnecessary area omitting copier in electrophotography patent, JP-S5517253-A: Small charger patent, JP-S551763-A: Transmission control system in on-line system patent, JP-S5517681-A: Exhaust gas cleaner for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5518272-A: Cloud transport method in atomic power plant and irs device patent, JP-S5518416-A: Fireproof layer-forming material and electric wire and cable made from it patent, JP-S5518548-A: Hardening method for journal of crankshaft patent, JP-S5519002-A: Young animal breeding method patent, JP-S5519697-A: Clutch and wheel hub assembly patent, JP-S552014-A: Insulating tape and its preparation patent, JP-S552026-A: Edge pasting method that nylon 12 is melting applied patent, JP-S5520675-A: Polishing device of polished rice patent, JP-S552331-A: Electric device operation controller patent, JP-S5523519-A: Display system patent, JP-S5524090-A: Assembled body that prepare and supply blackkcoffee percolated liquid patent, JP-S5524490-A: Flat inductance element patent, JP-S552490-A: Automatic roller towel apparatus patent, JP-S5525181-A: Transition table control arithmetic device patent, JP-S5525325-A: Method of producing laminated body patent, JP-S5525853-A: Tracking device for optical information track patent, JP-S5527010-A: Ball for grinding mill patent, JP-S5527098-A: Chemicallbiological disposal method of outflow liquid patent, JP-S5527121-A: Novel estradiol compound, its preparation and anti-tumor agent containing the same patent, JP-S5527438-A: Control unit of residual phosphorus quantity in continuous casting equipment of phosphorus deoxidized copper patent, JP-S5527460-A: Production of wire for automatic welding patent, JP-S5527857-A: Production of red zinc oxide powder patent, JP-S5527893-A: Apparatus for fixing quartz tube in mineral acid conn centrating device patent, JP-S5528534-A: High-speed drive circuit patent, JP-S5528833-A: Heat printing device patent, JP-S5529424-A: Extrusion container patent, JP-S5530013-A: Method of shielded excavation of tunnel with muddy water patent, JP-S5531242-A: Air cooler patent, JP-S5531314-A: Caller identification signal memory device for telephone station patent, JP-S5531600-A: Lathe for manufacturing spherical hob for gear shaping patent, JP-S5532046-A: Teleconverter patent, JP-S5533079-A: Thin film and method of fabricating the same patent, JP-S5533806-A: Current control device for resistance welding machine patent, JP-S5534102-A: Sludge treating method patent, JP-S5534472-A: Device for automatically assembling electronic equipment or like patent, JP-S5534579-A: Transmitting system for balancing type data patent, JP-S553458-A: Controlling of particle size of coal for coke production patent, JP-S5535668-A: Method of molding racket frame patent, JP-S5536214-A: Production of bleaching agent patent, JP-S5536275-A: Synthetic resin composition patent, JP-S5536485-A: Nnaminoo3*4*55trihydoxypiperidines*their manufacture and use as drug patent, JP-S5537536-A: Ignition system of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5537580-A: Exhaust purifier of cylinder number control engine patent, JP-S5537698-A: Safety device for remotely located cash dispenser patent, JP-S5538113-A: Clothes dryer patent, JP-S553880-A: Portable power atomizer patent, JP-S5539284-A: Dehydrator of washed sand aggregate or the like patent, JP-S5539301-A: Preparation of block containing rubber for nonslip patent, JP-S5539828-A: Truck transporter patent, JP-S5539841-A: Fixed shaft for holding gear in gear case patent, JP-S554013-A: Distortion-free reflecting mirror patent, JP-S5542367-A: Rotary head unit patent, JP-S5542-A: Discharging device of waste straw binding device for combined harvester patent, JP-S5543191-A: Manufacture of oxymethylene copolymer molding material containing small quantity of residual formaldehyde patent, JP-S5543350-A: Heat recovery device patent, JP-S5543500-A: Gyroscope patent, JP-S5543814-A: Bipolar semiconductor device's current amplification control method patent, JP-S5544388-A: Filterrhead for liquid filter and liquid filter patent, JP-S5544647-A: Fan alarm process system patent, JP-S5544823-A: Slip producing apparatus patent, JP-S5545697-A: Nndiazolylalkyllhalogenoacetoanilide*its manufacture and herbicidal composition containing it patent, JP-S5546117-A: Liquid level meter of sodium probe type patent, JP-S5547721-A: Channel selection unit patent, JP-S5548316-A: Rotary type lawn mower patent, JP-S5548365-A: Preparation of odorless fresh extract of garlic patent, JP-S5548646-A: Operating device for heat conductivity detector patent, JP-S5549829-A: Method of manufacturing current fuse patent, JP-S5550248-A: Preparation of electrostatic recording material patent, JP-S5551087-A: Isoindoline derivative patent, JP-S555219-A: Universal robot patent, JP-S5552819-A: Receiver for high-speed pneumatic conveyor patent, JP-S5553986-A: Multi-channel video charging system patent, JP-S5554273-A: Arc welding method patent, JP-S5555146-A: Preparation of substituted phenylacetic acid patent, JP-S5555628-A: Squelch system in fm receiver patent, JP-S5556123-A: Preparation of polyester patent, JP-S5556768-A: Vertical synchronism detector circuit patent, JP-S5556796-A: Telephone connection control system patent, JP-S5557706-A: Hydraulic pressure actuator patent, JP-S5558367-A: Evaporation jig patent, JP-S5558491-A: Device of exchanging control rod drive mechanism patent, JP-S555905-A: Powdered stone for mixed material of asphalt pavement patent, JP-S5561109-A: Oscillator with function of temperature compensation patent, JP-S5561635-A: Method of fixing heat insulator of panel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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