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JP-S5562588-A: Semiconductor memory circuit patent, JP-S5563008-A: Magnetic bearing patent, JP-S5564082-A: Device for draining rainwater from bottom of oll tank patent, JP-S5564603-A: Cantilever and its manufacture patent, JP-S5564830-A: Mixing method of raw material using hopper scale patent, JP-S5565242-A: Polyolefin compositon patent, JP-S5565523-A: Simultaneous two axis direction stretcher of thermal plastic plastic film patent, JP-S5565706-A: Fitting method of soft member patent, JP-S5565781-A: Magnetic valve device patent, JP-S5565861-A: Alarm for drying boiling patent, JP-S556596-A: Method and apparatus for depositing liquid treating agent on fabrics patent, JP-S5566120-A: Elastic surface wave device patent, JP-S5566944-A: Use of fluoro surfactant in electroconductive coating composition patent, JP-S5566959-A: Acidic monomethineemetal complex dyestuff patent, JP-S5567101-A: Resistance device patent, JP-S5567387-A: Water treatment method by reverse osmosis patent, JP-S556748-A: Illuminator suspended by cord patent, JP-S5568252-A: Grain storage bin patent, JP-S5569158-A: Operation checking system of detector of copying machine patent, JP-S5569832-A: Bus selection system patent, JP-S5570447-A: Production of indium antimonide thin strip patent, JP-S5570620-A: Conveyor cleaner patent, JP-S5571208-A: Device for vertically moving container of filling machine patent, JP-S5571690-A: Manufacture of doublebase propellent patent, JP-S5573252-A: Appliance for removing edge* which can be exchanged* from surgical knife patent, JP-S5573665-A: Manufacture of 22alkoxyy4*66dichlorooss triazine patent, JP-S5573924-A: Head pressure adjustment mechanism patent, JP-S5574036-A: Work method of processing electrode part of electron gun patent, JP-S5574336-A: Brushless ac generator with eccentric rotary pump patent, JP-S5574439-A: Carbon dioxide absorbing liquid injection device to carbon dioxide absorber patent, JP-S5574497-A: Floor drain accepting device patent, JP-S5574793-A: Purification of kallikrein patent, JP-S5575369-A: Transmission method for facsimile using electrostatic recording paper patent, JP-S5576108-A: Production of acrylonitrile synthetic fiber patent, JP-S5576436-A: Display unit patent, JP-S5577776-A: Recording-reproducing system of hologram signal patent, JP-S5578071-A: Corrosion-resistant water-based paint patent, JP-S5578240-A: Method for measuring mobility in electrophoresis of particle patent, JP-S5578366-A: Minicomputer with program patent, JP-S5578633-A: Channel selection device patent, JP-S5579559-A: Facsimile circuit controller patent, JP-S5580893-A: Memory device patent, JP-S5581231-A: Gas turbine with denitrificating means patent, JP-S5581338-A: Exposing rate adjusting method patent, JP-S558219-A: Voltage regulator for automotive generator patent, JP-S5582566-A: Compression system of picture data patent, JP-S5583215-A: Automatic wire winder for core having many terminals patent, JP-S558366-A: Cooling method of high temperature sheet object patent, JP-S5584520-A: Removing nitrogen oxide patent, JP-S5584543-A: Flock for filtration and deionization adjusted from cation and anion emulsion ionnexchange resin patent, JP-S5584674-A: Ink jet plotter patent, JP-S5584980-A: Plant equipment operating system using crt display unit patent, JP-S5585074-A: Control of dispersive quantity of metal fine grain patent, JP-S5585143-A: Pulse transmission circuit patent, JP-S5586014-A: Method of fabricating insulated conductor patent, JP-S558602-A: Erasing magnetic head patent, JP-S5586041-A: Plasma display device patent, JP-S5586660-A: Roll for sheet production patent, JP-S5586980-A: Built-in check valve type solenoid valve patent, JP-S5587190-A: Label display unit patent, JP-S5587875-A: Rake angle controller of variable capacity pump patent, JP-S5587900-A: Combined pump patent, JP-S5588270-A: Positive electrode plate for alkaline sealed cell patent, JP-S5589607-A: Airrfuellcombined nozzle for combustion chamber with fluidized bed patent, JP-S5591296-A: Damper for speaker patent, JP-S5592169-A: Method of painting joint groove patent, JP-S5592702-A: Production of beta-cyclodextrin clathrate including ascorbic acid-6-higher fatty acid monoester patent, JP-S559285-A: Control unit for priority patent, JP-S5593630-A: Manufacturing method of rapid start type fluorescent lamp patent, JP-S5594132-A: Delayed time difference measuring apparatus for optical fiber group patent, JP-S5594336-A: Manufacture of ketooacid*ketooester or precursors thereof patent, JP-S5594579-A: Magnetic phase shifter patent, JP-S5595179-A: Integrator patent, JP-S5596003-A: Flexible seal in untilled soil treating rotor patent, JP-S5596358-A: Liquid fuel pump apparatus for internal combustion engine fuel supply patent, JP-S5596557-A: Production method of positive electrode of nonaqueous electrolyte type battery patent, JP-S5596978-A: Making method of hologram plate patent, JP-S5597402-A: Method of producing micropores for thin cylindric hollow body patent, US-217496-A: Improvement in combined open grate and blower patent, JP-S559761-A: Dropping speed regulater of farm working machine patent, JP-S559790-A: Sensor of threshing depth regulater in combined harvester patent, JP-S56100519-A: Pulse processing circuit patent, JP-S56100543-A: Failure returning method of loop transmission line patent, JP-S56100716-A: Drug administration member patent, JP-S56102066-A: Fabrication of group of plate for lead acid battery provided with intermediate cell post and its plate patent, JP-S5610301-A: Plate tower patent, JP-S56103811-A: Metallic laminated sheath cable patent, JP-S5610397-A: Treating method of waste water from plate process factory patent, JP-S56104851-A: Preparation of tertiary-butylaminoethyl methacrylate patent, JP-S56105635-A: Front surface illuminator for semiconductor wafer patent, JP-S5610578-A: Production of adhesive tape or sheet patent, JP-S56105811-A: Capsule in manufacture of steel pipe and its manufacture patent, JP-S56106043-A: Variable venturi carburetor patent, JP-S561065-A: Speed change device of copying machine patent, JP-S5610665-A: Heat pump type airconditioner patent, JP-S56107067-A: Joining method of tire fabric for rubber coated ply patent, JP-S56107909-A: Exhaust valve drive unit for two-cycle engine patent, JP-S56108009-A: Recovering device for drain patent, JP-S56108846-A: Zinc alloy for hot dipping patent, JP-S56109689-A: Overrlocking sewing machine particularly for sewing machine for both use patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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