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JP-S57136481-A: Differential feeding mechanism of sewing machine patent, JP-S57137215-A: Automatic feeder particularly for selector of oyster patent, JP-S57137242-A: Feeding interval adjusting mechanism for paper feeder patent, JP-S57137568-A: Building method of liquid storage tank patent, JP-S57138427-A: Safety device for special-purpose vehicle patent, JP-S57138820-A: Method of protecting power system patent, JP-S57139015-A: Remedy for infectious disease for oral administration patent, JP-S57139831-A: Selecting and checking mechanism of transmission patent, JP-S57140144-A: Tire-extractor between tire-vulcanizer and post-inflator patent, JP-S57140325-A: Woking apparatus for glass plate patent, JP-S57141138-A: Television device patent, JP-S57141834-A: Ac driving circuit for relay patent, JP-S5714215-A: Stabilizing circuit for a/d converter patent, JP-S5714236-A: Communication data display system patent, JP-S57146553-A: Preservation of bean patent, JP-S57147044-A: Multipurpose electrophoresis device patent, JP-S57149155-A: Positioner for finishing cast article or the like patent, JP-S57150231-A: Phase synchronizing circuit patent, JP-S57151746-A: Assembling of house or the like patent, JP-S57151876-A: Automatic diagnostic device for motor driving circuit patent, JP-S57152742-A: Sample number converting circuit patent, JP-S57152854-A: Feed and its preparation patent, JP-S57153875-A: Vessel filled with fluid material patent, JP-S5715430-A: Apparatus for mounting pellet patent, JP-S57154488-A: Pulp washing apparatus patent, JP-S57155140-A: Steering lock device patent, JP-S57157173-A: Electronic watch patent, JP-S57157231-A: Electronic flash device capable of ttl dimming patent, JP-S57159237-A: Inserting method for core into sand mold patent, JP-S571592-A: Transition joint patent, JP-S57160617-A: Manufacture of porous film or sheet patent, JP-S57162542-A: Optical signal transmitting system patent, JP-S57162775-A: Thermogenic agent patent, JP-S57163690-A: Method of controlling level of hopper patent, JP-S57166141-A: Electronic working meter patent, JP-S57166394-A: Preparing apparatus of ribbon-like crystal patent, JP-S57166402-A: Instantaneous steam generator patent, JP-S57166850-A: Cooler for rotary electric machine patent, JP-S57166857-A: Rotor for dc motor and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S57166920-A: Protective curtain apparatus tea field patent, JP-S57167346-A: Curable resin composition patent, JP-S57168139-A: Specimen making device patent, JP-S57169503-A: Water feeder for low pressure steam to double evaporation type exhaust gas economizer patent, JP-S57170758-A: Supporter for can patent, JP-S57170985-A: Relief of rise in viscosity of coal paste patent, JP-S57171912-A: Cream patent, JP-S57173620-A: Clutch disc patent, JP-S57173835-A: Silver halide color photosensitive material patent, JP-S57174094-A: Separation of poly (beta-hydroxybutyric acid) from cell patent, JP-S57174096-A: Preparation of l-tryptophan by fermentation method patent, JP-S57174808-A: Method of forming electrode pattern patent, JP-S57177086-A: Heat storing material patent, JP-S57177302-A: Melting continuous extracting method under pressure and its device patent, JP-S5717745-A: Simple tube vessel with valve patent, JP-S57178181-A: Reactor patent, JP-S57179090-A: Manufacture of phosphatic fertilizer patent, JP-S57179303-A: Torochoid rotary apparatus patent, JP-S57179509-A: Method of controlling temperature of superheated steam of boiler patent, JP-S57179520-A: Floor heating panel patent, JP-S57179987-A: Magnetic bubble device patent, JP-S57180057-A: Rotating anode x-ray tube patent, JP-S57180418-A: Moving bed type filter patent, JP-S5718199-A: Loudspeaker patent, JP-S57186251-A: Mode switching device for magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-S57186748-A: Photosensitive and thermosensitive type recording member patent, JP-S57186965-A: Rotor for permanent-magnet type synchronous motor patent, JP-S57187662-A: Signal discriminator patent, JP-S57191047-A: Frosted thermoplastic resin sheet patent, JP-S57191204-A: Preparation of chlorine dioxide in high purity patent, JP-S57191709-A: Controlling system for stopping moving material at home position patent, JP-S5719216-A: Powder particle supply device patent, JP-S57192366-A: Acylquinolinone derivative, manufacture, drug blend containing same and use patent, JP-S5719284-A: Weightless conveyor patent, JP-S57192959-A: Electrophotographic receptor patent, JP-S57193478-A: Ansa-azacyclophanetriols and their preparation patent, JP-S57194089-A: Treatment of aqueous solution containing chromium patent, JP-S57195522-A: Controlling method for plate crown and plate form of rolling material patent, JP-S57195777-A: Adhesive composition for shoemaking patent, JP-S57195931-A: Electromagnetic spring clutch patent, JP-S57196458-A: Manufacture of explosion-proof braun tube patent, JP-S57196521-A: Growing method of crystal patent, JP-S57197739-A: Stroboscanning electron microscope patent, JP-S57198610-A: Connector for solenoid valve patent, JP-S57198717-A: Production of liquid prepolymer patent, JP-S57198739-A: Flame retardant resin composition patent, JP-S57198823-A: Apparatus for detecting flow rate and temperature of fluid patent, JP-S57199580-A: Connector for hot rolled material patent, JP-S572010-A: Lens barrel patent, JP-S57201168-A: Automatic grinder for thin fragile wafer patent, JP-S572017-A: Reflection type equal magnification image forming element patent, JP-S57202061-A: Production method of paste type electrode for lead battery patent, JP-S57203350-A: Temperature compensating circuit of carrier detection for photodetector patent, JP-S57203802-A: Rotary type power generator patent, JP-S5720464-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S57204819-A: Manufacture of package of fruit, such as strawberry, grape, etc. patent, JP-S572051-A: Copying method patent, JP-S57205682-A: Holder for window glass for car patent, JP-S57206487-A: Return sewing controller of sewing machine patent, JP-S57209102-A: Equipment for lining up steel pipes or the like patent, JP-S57209399-A: Method of joining expansible pile frame steel material for executing tunnel patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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