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JP-S5858350-A: Production of ceiling for japanese room patent, JP-S5859457-A: Carrier for developer patent, JP-S585950-A: X-ray tube patent, JP-S5859565-A: Closed-type lead storage battery patent, JP-S5861209-A: Production of spheroidal graphite cast iron patent, JP-S586184-A: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, JP-S5861942-A: Seamless forging method patent, JP-S5862995-A: Remote controller for optical shutter patent, JP-S5863333-A: Seedling floor material for growing seedling patent, JP-S5863607-A: Conveyor equipment patent, JP-S5863903-A: Automatic focusing device patent, JP-S5864081-A: Discharging current controller for gas laser patent, JP-S5864189-A: Purification of waste water patent, JP-S5864439-A: Hot water storage type hot water supplier patent, JP-S5865677-A: Transfer type recording device patent, JP-S5865870-A: Optimum entrance cage selecting apparatus of three-dimentional parking apparatus patent, JP-S5865874-A: Execution of heat insulating wall of tank patent, JP-S5865890-A: Heat insulating connector structure of sash frame material patent, JP-S5865972-A: Ignition device for outboard internal-combustion engine patent, JP-S5866645-A: Copy grinding method patent, JP-S5867593-A: Controller for beam side travelling scaffold patent, JP-S5867764-A: Thermosetting cationic latex composition patent, JP-S5868443-A: Carbonaceous molding sand patent, JP-S5869688-A: Terminal-stair forced deceleration circuit for elevator patent, JP-S5870400-A: Speeding warning and recording control method patent, JP-S587106-A: Manufacture of assembly of optical fiber strand patent, JP-S5872314-A: Circuit for switching set value of protecting relay patent, JP-S5872416-A: Manufacture of laminated tube such as fishing rod patent, JP-S5872667-A: Control device for alcohol-reforming gas engine patent, JP-S5874747-A: Conductive urethane rubber composition capable of atmospheric vulcanization patent, JP-S5875604-A: Combustion method for solid matter patent, JP-S5876164-A: Method of coating wood patent, JP-S5876201-A: Manufacture of aggregate decorative veneer patent, JP-S5876824-A: Single-lens reflex camera patent, JP-S5877940-A: Friction material patent, JP-S5879787-A: Variable device for laser output patent, JP-S5880399-A: Manufacture of soap bar with commercial advertisement name patent, JP-S588139-A: Production of wavy crimp yarn patent, JP-S5881752-A: Coarsely separating device in granule selector for beans patent, JP-S5881929-A: Manufacture of large-sized low-carbon steel wire material excellent in descaling property patent, JP-S5883162-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S5884548-A: Individual selection call system patent, JP-S5885785-A: Method of drawing floating structure into canal patent, JP-S588710-A: Aqueous dispersion for forming thermosetting coating patent, JP-S5888980-A: Recording and reproducing system for television picture signal patent, JP-S5889370-A: Ink jet nozzle patent, JP-S588944-A: Solar energy collecting device patent, JP-S5889722-A: Switch unit for electric device patent, JP-S5889740-A: Method of identifying base for electronic part patent, JP-S5890468-A: Method of manufacturing sheet for precise grinding of lens patent, JP-S5890936-A: Manufacture of blank board for furniture or the like patent, JP-S5891705-A: Production of styrene polymer patent, JP-S5892110-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-S5892353-A: Lever operation type wheel chair patent, JP-S5892542-A: Manufacture of molding excellent in heat resistance patent, JP-S5892831-A: Light detecting circuit patent, JP-S5892898-A: Clear device patent, JP-S589391-A: Method of connecting pattern of printed circuit board patent, JP-S5894668-A: Gear mechanism patent, JP-S589512-A: 3-phase cable connector for gas insulated sealed switching facility patent, JP-S5895534-A: Filter type dust remover patent, JP-S5896670-A: Preparation of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape patent, JP-S5896792-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-S5896995-A: Sealing ring of heat exchanger patent, JP-S5897633-A: Temperature measurement system patent, JP-S5898328-A: Production of epoxy resin patent, JP-S589833-A: Preparation of foamed glass bead patent, JP-S5899222-A: 3-phase shortcircuiting time load concentration preventing device patent, JP-S5899293-A: Electric drive unit patent, JP-S5899490-A: Phosphoric acid amide derivative, its preparation and pharmaceutical containing the same patent, JP-S59100286-A: Method for plating nickel on steel battery case patent, JP-S59100395-A: Mobile heat exchanger patent, JP-S59100510-A: Method of producing laminated ceramic condenser patent, JP-S59102145-A: Inspection apparatus for printed tablet patent, JP-S59102199-A: Method of protecting release of residual radioactive material at cutting pipe or tank patent, JP-S5910222-A: Electronic mechanism part patent, JP-S591033-A: Can receiving device patent, JP-S59104408-A: Detection of bonded zone by fusion of blast furnace patent, JP-S59104588-A: Electronic pitch gauge patent, JP-S59104747-A: Tape driver patent, JP-S59104960-A: Heat sensitive printing apparatus patent, JP-S59106469-A: Pyridazine derivative patent, JP-S59107087-A: Electrolytic cell and method for manufacturing organic compounds patent, JP-S59107780-A: Joining piece for frictional press welding patent, JP-S59108574-A: Golf excercising apparatus patent, JP-S59108794-A: Novel tricyclophosphazane derivative, manufacture and drug composition patent, JP-S5910982-A: Electronic learning apparatus patent, JP-S59110573-A: Drawing tool for wheel or bearing patent, JP-S59110594-A: Method of detecting origin of machine in shaft control patent, JP-S59111215-A: Freezing preventive switch patent, JP-S59111308-A: Engaging fitting patent, JP-S59111674-A: Cleaning device patent, JP-S5911198-A: Measurement of alpha1-chymotrypsin inhibitor activity patent, JP-S59113450-A: Original picture selecting device of copying machine patent, JP-S59113649-A: Manufacture of hybrid integrated circuit patent, JP-S59113810-A: Riding type rice planter patent, JP-S59113889-A: Preparation of immobilized enzyme or immobilized microbial cell patent, JP-S5911408-A: Controller patent, JP-S59114702-A: Floor containing type floor lamp stand patent, JP-S59114828-A: Formation of silicon oxide film patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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