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JP-S6064896-A: Thermal transfer recording ink sheet patent, JP-S6065014-A: Voluntary manufacture offoamed polyurethane patent, JP-S6065446-A: Flat type sealed battery patent, JP-S6065963-A: Flow controllable ball valve stopcock patent, JP-S6066080-A: Rapid refrigerator for refrigerator patent, JP-S6066129-A: Vibration control device of multi-dimensional vibrating table patent, JP-S6066163-A: Measurement of water on surface of aggregate patent, JP-S6066448-A: Gate array patent, JP-S6067865-A: Measurement of inductance distribution patent, JP-S6068526-A: Electric switch patent, JP-S6069527-A: Apparatus for displaying limit temperature patent, JP-S606952-A: Magnetic color toner patent, JP-S6070172-A: Film forming device patent, JP-S6070212-A: Construction of marine structure patent, JP-S6071677-A: Photo-crosslinkable pressure-sensitive adhesive composition patent, JP-S6071942-A: Manufacture of gas sensor constitutional material patent, JP-S6072942-A: Wire-reinforced rubber composition patent, JP-S6072944-A: Transparent polyolefin multi-layer film good for seal patent, JP-S607450-A: Method and apparatus for controlling toner feed patent, JP-S6075197-A: Digital telephone terminal interface circuit patent, JP-S6076098-A: High-speed operation and high-speed memory patent, JP-S6077656-A: Defect indicating method of dc generator for vehicle patent, JP-S6077830-A: Vacuum packaging method patent, JP-S6078055-A: Control of raw concrete level of hopper for concrete pump patent, JP-S6079611-A: Composite aerial wire patent, JP-S6081731-A: Exposure device for color cathode ray tube patent, JP-S6081998-A: Remote controlling circuit provided with status indicator patent, JP-S6082674-A: Method for wet-plating polyamidoimide patent, JP-S6083150-A: Collecting method of main memory information patent, JP-S608323-A: Stabilization of polyphenylene sulfide melt crystallizing temperature patent, JP-S6083268-A: Video reproducing device for rotating magnetic recording body patent, JP-S6083799-A: Compressive extractor patent, JP-S6083813-A: Evaluation of kneading performance of kneader patent, JP-S6084039-A: Communication environment measuring device patent, JP-S6085266-A: Constant flow amount type volume pump patent, JP-S6087629-A: Flicker compensator patent, JP-S6087669-A: Constant-voltage power source patent, JP-S6087805-A: Method and apparatus for separaing liquid mixture or solution patent, JP-S6088693-A: Ice breaker for ship patent, JP-S6090492-A: Recording and reproducing device of color video signal patent, JP-S6091042-A: Drive belt for infinitely variable gear patent, JP-S6093335-A: Apparatus for detecting and measuring crystal particle size distribution of polycrystalline body patent, JP-S6094260-A: Working-procedure leading apparatus for production line patent, JP-S6095147-A: Erroneous operation preventive device for negative pressure actuator of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S6095286-A: Turning flap valve with servomotor patent, JP-S609536-A: Manufacture of heat exchanger patent, JP-S6096006-A: Reference voltage circuit patent, JP-S6097089-A: Method of electrochemically removing contamination of water patent, JP-S6097607-A: Conductor for coil patent, JP-S609832-A: Production of steel wire and steel bar capable of reducing treating time for spheroidizing annealing patent, JP-S6099213-A: Bed elevation apparatus patent, JP-S61101626-A: Supercharge pressure control unit patent, JP-S61101950-A: Lead storage battery patent, JP-S61102489-A: Production of blended product patent, JP-S61103328-A: Absence incoming call detecting system patent, JP-S61104737-A: Electric shock insect control apparatus patent, JP-S61104845-A: Agricultural vinyl chloride group resin film patent, JP-S61105486-A: Timer device patent, JP-S61105951-A: Private branch telephone device patent, JP-S611061-A: Manufacture of photodetector containing filter patent, JP-S61108014-A: Driving coupling device for 4 wheel drive patent, JP-S61108920-A: Differential pressure type flow meter patent, JP-S61109830-A: Bucket elevator for working machine patent, JP-S61110441-A: Making of deformable multiconnection for electrically connecting microelectronic element patent, JP-S61110635-A: Lighting apparatus for bicycle patent, JP-S61112379-A: Mos field effect transistor and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S61113301-A: Microstrip line terminator patent, JP-S61113328-A: Optical corresponding device between mobile bodies patent, JP-S61113572-A: Breaking tamping shoe for crawler type car and assembly thereof patent, JP-S61114276-A: Image forming device patent, JP-S61114863-A: Thermosensitive recorder patent, JP-S61114996-A: Cargo gear patent, JP-S61115021-A: Growth promoting agent patent, JP-S6111529-A: High-frequency heating device patent, JP-S6111533-A: Room cooling and heating patent, JP-S61116690-A: Assembling device for fuel aggregate patent, JP-S61116795-A: Discharge lamp lighting apparatus patent, JP-S61117402-A: Eddy current type noncontact displacement gauge patent, JP-S6111884-A: Reading method of graph patent, JP-S61119442-A: Opening and closing system of rear door of dump truck loading bed patent, JP-S61121735-A: Rotor for rotary electric machine patent, JP-S61122460-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S6112277-A: Safety cigarette end receiver patent, JP-S61124188-A: Noise reduction system of semiconductor laser oscillator patent, JP-S61124350-A: Production of dried adzuki beans patent, JP-S61124516-A: Method for alloying cut section patent, JP-S61124728-A: Shaft coupling patent, JP-S61124970-A: Cleaning device for electrostatic corona discharger patent, JP-S6112572-A: Sorting and totalizing device for paper sheets patent, JP-S61126590-A: Construction of display unit patent, JP-S61126767-A: Manufacturing method of separator with ribs for storage battery patent, JP-S6112713-A: Production of oxymethylene copolymer patent, JP-S61127737-A: Production of electrically conductive resin composite patent, JP-S611278-A: Piezoelectric actuator patent, JP-S61127968-A: Speed controller for hydraulic closed circuit drive unit patent, JP-S61127995-A: Device for protecting duct from pressure wave patent, JP-S61128250-A: Shashinshorisochi patent, JP-S61128611-A: Microwave antenna patent, JP-S61128631-A: Method and apparatus for analog/digital coversion and diophone used for the apparatus patent, JP-S6112864-A: Compound vapor blowing device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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