Smart phone, vehicle control system with the smart phone and control method



The invention discloses a smart phone. The smart phone comprises an NFC (near field communication) antenna and a sending unit, wherein the sending unit is in communication connection with the NFC antenna; the smart phone further comprises an NFC tag assembled into a whole with the smart phone; the NFC tag comprises identification information, and the NFC tag is in communication connection with the NFC antenna so as to send the identification information to the NFC antenna; the NFC antenna is configured to receive the identification information and forward the identification information to the sending unit, so that the sending unit can emit a signal containing the identification information. The invention further discloses a vehicle control system with the smart phone, the vehicle control system further comprises an electronic control unit, and the electronic control unit is used for receiving the signal containing the identification information and controlling a vehicle according to the signal. Through the adoption of above technical scheme, the signal emitted from the mobile phone is encrypted through simple and efficient third-party encryption so as to guarantee that the communication between the smart phone and external equipment such as the vehicle control system is safer and reliable.




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